Books I am reading:

Thomas Perry novels - lately The Informant.  In Perry's debut novel, the Butcher's Boy, he wrote about a mob hitman who gets justifiably angry when some mob people try to stiff him.  Not a good idea to make a hitman angry.  Makes you think about the good in bad people and the bad in good people.  Also, lots of info on how to kill people and get away with it, or how to get away from people trying to kill you.  Many of the books have dark humor.  

The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan.  Long fantasy saga.  Much more rich and developed than other fantasy sagas.  There are no Gandalfs or Yodas here.  No one group trusts anyone else.  While there is evil, the people of the light harm each other more than dark friends, and misunderstandings are rampant.  A different examination of good and bad than Thomas Perry.  Why can't they all just get along?  Why can't we all?

Matt Beynon Rees - the Palestinian detective novels.  Everyone is bad.  Murder is the least of their problems.

Louise Penny detective novels.  I can't imagine anyone reading any of these novels and not falling in love with Chief Inspector Gamache of the Quebec Surete and the Canadian town of Three Pines.  I want to move there.  I want to visit.  Failing these options, since it is after all a fictional village, I want to read the novels.  Louise Penny sensitively describes the frailty of humanity coupled with the power of human artistry.