More books I am reading and why.

The Parker novels by Donald Westlake under the pseudonym Richard Stark.  Parker is essentially the baddest badass you ever rooted for.  He works hard at not killing people unless he truly can't find another option.  I like this metaphor for how to interact with people (try to harm them as little as possible while still accomplishing your aspirations).

Lawrence Block has written about Parker novels, celebrating their spare form and action driven plots.  Not sure where to find an internet link to those comments, but Larry's blog is on wordpress

Michael Weinreb has written about Parker in the movies  (he's been there more than you would think on first glance, because he was often portrayed using a different name.  That works OK, too, since most of the people in the Parker novels never know his name as "Parker," and we never know his first name.)

My library (indianapolis) has all the Parker novels for download in audio format.

Peace out.


  1. Just watched the movie "Parker" starring Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez. It was better than I expected and the first line of the credit was "In memory of Donald E. Westlake." I still prefer Mel Gibson's "Payback", though. Strong parallels between the characters (obviously) but Gibson's character seemed more matter of fact about the task at hand.


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