Enlightenment for a little while

Religion post.

Yesterday, coming out of grocery store, in the middle of the parking lot, I attained enlightenment. I tried not to think about it, because I worried that if I thought about it, I would lose it, just like the trick to learning to fly according to Douglas Adams. So, I just thought incredibly happy and grateful thoughts and felt in tune with all humanity. The feeling persisted when I came home, made a phone call, the whole evening. I was lucky because I wasn't trying to be entertained, wasn't reading a book, had lots of time just thinking  thoughts. Still felt enlightened and happy to be alive in the hour long traffic jam on I69 from 11:40 pm to 12:40 am. You have to be somewhere, I happened to be in traffic.

Enlightenment felt quite a bit like you do after meditating, except more so, and my legs weren't asleep.

As the evening got later, I started to get tired. Today I woke up exhausted and slept until about noon, skipping scheduled activities. Still weak this afternoon, spent most of the day in bed. Whatever enlightenment I thought I found, well, I'm pretty sure I've lost it.

So there are two possibilities. One is, there is a particular kind of virus running around that can affect your brain strangely, and make you feel like you have achieved enlightenment just before it socks you in.

The second possibility is that true enlightenment, even if you don't do anything much but experience it, even if it only lasts about 8 hours, is completely exhausting.

Makes me think twice about searching for inner peace any time soon.