Grand Cayman Vacation, Day 2

Day 2
We woke up early, and headed off the to Grand Cayman Turtle Farm. You might think this is a farm to protect turtles, but really, they raise them to eat them. They also have an area where you can watch them, and pick them up and pet them. Yummy turtle soup. Also green iguanas everywhere.

The turtle farm had an area where you could take snorkel equipment and snorkel among the fish (and a few turtles). This was great for us because none of us had ever tried snorkeling, and inside the pond, there were no waves to worry about. Miles and Ruth took these pictures.

The day is young. We visit an area with significant limestone known as "Hell", then hit the famous 7 Mile Beach at Calico Jack's.

This is Hell, Grand Cayman style.

Yes, the kids are playing catch in the water while Miles and I lounge on beach chairs. 

Back to the condo at Kaibo Yacht Club for one last walk on the beach before going to bed.