Grand Cayman Vacation, Day 3

Tuesday, December 24th.

Today we have planned a trip in a 65 foot catamaran to Stingray Sand Bar where we can swim among the tame stingrays, and then a trip to a coral reef for a bit of snorkeling, then back to Rum Point.
This is the beach at Rum Point.

They put up the sail to get to Stingray Sand Bar. The water was an unbelievable color blue. Then we were snorkeling with the stingrays. They are overfed and very tame. You can pick them up (if you are fast enough) or you can hold them when someone hands them to you.

 Then on to the coral reef. Not sure who took these pictures. There were many different plants growing on the coral, and also some fish. We were not superadventurous, but loved the time here.