Grand Cayman Vacation, Day 5

December 26th, 2013

Yesterday, our friends at the pool suggested snorkeling at Eden's Rock. It's by where the cruise ships dock, on the west side of the island by the south end. We got our gear together and headed off.
Most people there were scuba diving, but there were some cool things to see near the surface. The waivers we had to sign basically said, well, good luck buddy.  One of our facemasks leaked, but we didn't turn it in immediately but waited until it was a hassle to come back. Miles, Ruth and Isaac shared camera duties, I think. The water was much dirtier looking than the coral reef on the north side of the island, but it was still pretty cool. There were many fish, and many in schools.

Sorry about the color filter stuff. Next, lunch downtown, driving around, went to the movie theater but there was nothing we wanted to see. Ended up on 7 Mile Beach again. Serious sitting around beach doing nothing. Hard core walk up the beach half a mile and back. At some point there was a bit of rain, and a double rainbow. Here is the rainbow.  Rest of the day, grocery shopping, out to dinner at an Indian restaurant, more rain, back to Kaibo.