Grand Cayman Vacation Day 7

Woke up Saturday. Last full day of vacation. If it were a skiing vacation, this is the day I would be charging down the mountain with no restraint, no regard, maybe trying not to hit small trees and slow-moving people. Muscles, there's no point in saving you for later. Being an introvert at heart, I usually spend the last day of vacation pretty much alone.

Today, up before dawn for a run to Rum Point to find sunrise. Miles doesn't even roll over before I go. So there are a couple of problems.
Rum Point doesn't face East.
The sun will not rise over the water, it's going to rise over the housing complex (not pictured.). Oh, and there's another problem with this whole run to Rum Point before dawn thing. It's about to pour.
Hmm, Dark Clouds.

It's raining very hard. I hide under a coconut palm tree and wait.
I can't see sunrise because it's raining too hard and I can't face ESE. I'm under this coconut palm tree (don't get too near the trunk, the leaves aren't thickest there, go figure). There's a creepy guy in his 30's acting like I'm some interloper on his private beach. Maybe it was a private beach, let's not get hung up in details. I start jogging home in my tank top, and take off my overshirt and wrap it around the camera to try to keep it dry. I stop for rain squalls. I run by a not well kept house and there are coconuts just lying in the driveway. I carry one in my left hand, and the shirt and camera in my right. Snap a picture by the bay, and then back to jogging.
This is where I should have gone for dawn, or better yet, should have stayed home and not gotten so thoroughly wet. I'm struck. What if Miles woke up, realized how hard it was raining, and came to look for me? He might have easily missed me when I was under the coconut palm tree by Rum Point. Aw, what a sweet guy he is. I finish jogging back home full of grateful thoughts. I look under the car, it appears to have been moved. I walk up the stairs, remove my sopping sneakers and socks at the door, and walk in.

Turns out he hasn't woken up yet. He never went to retrieve me. Seriously. Fast forward an hour. Miles remembers something he wants to get in Georgetown. I don't want to go, but I bet that if he drops me off at the top end of the Mastic Trail, I can hike to the place I hiked yesterday from the other direction, and back, in the time it takes him to drive to Georgetown.

Silver thatch young
Silver Thatch palm, opened up.

Giant red birch, gym bag to show scale

Did someone paint this tree?
The bark is beautiful - IRL

Then you walk out of the field, and it looks like a field anywhere
I love the Mastic Trail. There are no swampy areas today, and my biggest problem is, I'm alone, so I stop and take lots of dorky pictures.

My grand adventure, superimposed on a satellite picture of Grand Cayman taken by NASA in 1994.

Just as I'm exiting the trail, very happy, and meeting some hardy souls about to start, Miles pulls up, perfect timing.When we get back to the Condo, the kids have woken up. I spend the afternoon on Rum Point, sunning, swimming, watching fish swim with me. Miles and Jonah come along and read their George RR Martin Game of Thrones books.

The fish swam away before I snapped the picture!

Clean water, beautiful sand

Locals didn't want to get out of the water, either.

For our last night, Miles and I go to the Kaibo Yacht Club and get foofy Rum drinks, but I have to concede that rum is not my favorite spirit. It just makes me sleepy.