Grand Cayman Vacation, Day 8 and Animals

Last day, I wake up with Miles. It's before dawn, we yawn and stretch. I decide to give sunrise one last try. The plan comes on me so suddenly, I don't have time to tell Miles. I don't have time to grab a camera, put on shoes, or even dress properly. I throw on a sweatshirt and walk out the door to the bay. This way I will face ESE. This way I will get a grand sunrise. And I walk to the point, in the bay, and the sun rises over the bay with some headlands in the background.

About 3 minutes before dawn, a ragged pickup truck pulls into the parking lot, and faces the sun. Driver doesn't even get out of the car, just sits there for about 10 minutes, and then leaves. (If the locals think it's a good sunrise, it's probably a good sunrise.)

Didn't take many pictures the last day, but I wanted to use this day to throw up pictures of all the cool animals we saw on the island. We heard, but did not see in the wild also, Grand Cayman Parrot, Caribbean Dove (OK, it sounded just like any other dove I've heard, as far as I can tell), other unspecified birds. We saw the following:


  1. Amanda- these posts look great. Seems like it was the vacation of a lifetime. Only problem is, I can't seem to see the pictures of animals you promised on the last day-

  2. Thanks Liz! The photos were there, and then I guess I accidentally saved it to a previous version and they went away. They're back :)


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