The kid is alright

Our son accidentally fell from the attic through a trap door to the concrete floor of the garage, a fall of about 15 feet, on April 12th at 9:30 in the evening. He came home April 15th from the hospital with only a linear skull fracture, 3 stable fractures in the spine and some transient ear problems. He needed no surgeries, and the prognosis is 100% recovery.

Currently, he wears a back brace when he is not lying down. He often gets dizzy when he stands up, and so whenever he stands, he needs someone steadying him and walking with him. A fall would set him back or might cause further injury. He can go up and down stairs with help, but he can't be left alone for at least a week. He is currently on pain medication pretty much continuously. He has no pain or nerve damage in his hands or fingers, but he tried sitting at the piano and found it painful to play a few notes.

All that aside, currently he's downstairs on the basement couch playing, and winning, a basketball video game with his buddy who is also off of school this week.