Five signs you had a great trip to Israel

5. You have to stop yourself from saying "Todah!" to people you don't know in the parking lot or the shopping center, and correct it to "Thanks!"

4. You go to a Hebrew movie with English subtitles and get nostalgic just hearing them say things like "B'seder" (OK) and "Regel, Regel" (wait).

3. You keep expecting the stoplights to turn red and yellow before they turn green.

2. Services, especially the prayers, at the synagogue seem a bit, well, flat, after praying your heart out at the Western Wall.

1. You switch your Google news page from to because after all, that's where the most real news is.

Wish I could find one picture to sum up the amazing time I had in Israel with my son, Isaac, visiting friends, driving like an Israeli for 9 days (OK I pretty much drive like that anyway), camel riding, rafting down the Jordan, watching the sun rise over the Dead Sea while climbing Masada and set over Mediterranean at Beit Yanai on the same day. Here's that sunset, reminiscent of the end of a great day but holding promise for another great day tomorrow. Until next time, Israel.