Dear Sanders Supporters, Please Come In to the Democratic Party

Something tells me Bernie Sanders' views - on big banks, on trade agreements, on corporate greed, have not really changed very much at all in the past couple decades. He's always been angry. He was so angry with the System, and the Democratic National Committee, that he ran, and politicked as an outsider.

And, he has been fairly effective as an outsider. But then he made a big strategical change in his thinking.

He decided to run within the system, and for President. Obama and Bush have demonstrated that the President has power, particularly when Congress is stalemated as it is now, to move the country in ways that can help people, or the President can move the government in other ways that don't help most people. 

I think Sanders realized that he could affect more change by running for President, and if you look at the Democratic Party, I think you will agree it has come in just the last six months to accept Bernie as a legitimate voice within American politics with important concerns. He has pulled the Democratic Party to the left. But after yesterday, he probably won't be the next Democratic nominee for President.

Sanders is probably near the end of his political career. If he isn't elected President in 2016, realistically, by 2020, he's probably too old to mount another run. However, Sanders' supporters are by and large at the very beginning of their political engagement. Can we turn some of these passionate supporters from engaged volunteers to politicians? Can they put aside their disappointment that more was not accomplished this election season, and strive and work for the future?

More importantly, can current Democrats, who are getting a bit long in the tooth in many cases (see Indiana, for example), open their doors and welcome these newcomers in? By sharing power, they will generate more power. The Republicans have demonstrated how ineffective it is to try to shut someone out. Let the Bernie people in with open arms. Make sure they are well respected at the convention this summer.

The Democratic party, and the country in general, need to keep the Bern going regardless of who is elected in November. It's time for a new guard.